About Steward Speakers

Our mission: The mission of the Steward Speakers Power Series is to maximize the progression and effectiveness of leaders as well as community activists through engagement and education.

For over 30 years, Steward Speakers has been dedicated to enhancing the community by providing opportunities to engage with America’s best leaders and brightest luminaries. We provide an educational experience to young people, families, indigent and the adult learner who normally would not receive the opportunity to attend such events. Steward Speakers showcases lecturers of national and local prominence.

Our Program Objectives:

  • To provide 25% of the series tickets free or at a substantial discount for students, adult learners and economically disadvantaged persons.

  • To provide an outreach program for four or more area schools. Approximately 7,500 students attend our annual activities. This experience demonstrates true success and a clearer reality as to the possibilities of African-American achievement;

  • To video/audio tape each event for use by schools and churches as an ongoing education tool; and

  • To provide an annual series of four or more lectures.

Our Program Goals:

  • To enhance the potential of young people and the adult learner by showcasing outstanding role models.

  • To provide individuals personal engagement with leaders who are successful in their respective careers. In doings so, we can begin to pave a way for community members of all backgrounds to envision the possibilities of attaining their personal goals; and

  • To provide educational programs for youth, the adult learner, and the general public.

School Initiatives:

Steward Speakers has been a community staple since our start.  Each year we are devoted to introducing the world’s talent and leaders to Indiana students.  Many of our speakers have visited schools such as…

  • Wayne Township

  • Washington Township

  • Indianapolis Public Schools

  • Tindley Prep

  • and many more

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